Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Modem password

Default password for all TMNet Streamyx supported modem.

1. ZTE modem* IP Address:
* Username: ADSL
Password: expert03
* Username: ZXDSL
Password: ZXDSL
* Username: admin
Password: telekomst2.

KASDA modem:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: telekomst3.

ArtNet modem:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: telekoms
t* Username: admin
Password: admin
* Username: admin
Password: password

4. Triz modem:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: aaaaaaaa

5. Aztech modem:* IP Address: OR
* Username: admin
Password: blank
* Username: admin
Password: password
* Username: admin
Password: admin

6. Billion modem:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: password

7. Huawei modem:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: admin

8. Hyundai HSE-220 Modem:* IP Address:
* Username: ADSL
Password: ADSL
* Username: admin
Password: ADSL
* Username: root
Password: root

9. Riger DB102:* IP Address:
* Username: tmadmin
Password: tmadmin

10. TP-LINK MODEM / ADSL2 / ROUTER:* IP Address:
* Username: admin
Password: admin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Setting router wireless aztech

aritu beli router wireless brand aztech..
problem tol nak set kan..follow manual.. mmg xleh nak connect to internet..

last2 godek2 kat internet..
jmpe satu solution ni..

Make sure your Modem Ethernet is connect to WIFI INTERNET / WAN not LAN.

Follow this steps:1.As usual, power on .... blah blah. Open IE and type the address column.(Both modem and WIFI IP address are the same, but this situation it will connect to the WIFI first before the modem.)username :admin password: admin.

In here got 2 way to setting up the WIFI setting. Easy way and Hard way. I prefer HARD WAY for better connection.

2. Find NETWORK - LAN. Set the IP Address to
About the subnet, you don't need to do anything at all. Preset
After save and reboot, the WIFI new IP Address become

Same place - WAN. Change the WAN Connection Type to STATIC IP
IP address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :
MTU Size (in bytes): 1400~1500. (is up to you) I'm set to 1400.
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :


SSID : Any name as you like.
Region : You know it. Don't need me to teach you.
Channel : Any number you like
Wireless Router Radio : Want to use WIRELESSLY, then tick lah.
SSID Broadcast : Want to SHOWOFF you have WIFI, then tick lo.
Wireless Security : So kind to let people using Free internet, then UNTICK lo.

To those whom is EXPERT IN WIRELESS SECURITY, suit yourself.To those noob, go to tall building then JUMP. Survived, then Good la.
Security Type : WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Security Option : WPA-PSK
Encryption : TKIPPSK
Passphrase : Anything you likeGroup
Key Update Period : 0 (If you lazy to change password frequently.)

Then restart modem ,router n computer.. then dah boleh gune.. :)