Thursday, January 29, 2009

Setup riger modem

For Riger DB102, just login to the modem..
IP :
Username : tmadmin
Password : tmadmin

Then once inside the main page, click on the Quick Configuration button on the left.
Inside Quick Configuration, under Encapsulation select PPPoE LLC.
Default Route should be Enable.

Then just key in your Username & Password for Streamyx.
If you want, you can key in the Primary & Secondary DNS which is &

After all this, click on Submit button at the bottom.After that, click on Admin at the top of the page. Select Commit & Reboot on the left.
Then click on "Commit" button to save all the changes made and after that on "Reboot" button to restart the modem.

When the modem has finish reboot, then go back to the main page. Under the WAN Interfaces, there will be one Bridged and one PPPoE Encapsulation.

If the dot for PPPoE under status is green in colour, means that it is already connected to the Internet.

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